who and why?

who is inkblot?

in a lot of ways I’m no different than you. first and foremost i am a human being. my real name is kyle. i bought my first domain name back in, if memory serves correct, 1998. i’ve worked in technology since 1991, starting out in mainframes and networking. i wanted to do something productive and big. inkblot is it.

why is inkblot doing this?

i simply felt it needed to be done. the current batch of services out there, social and otherwise, just simply do not cut it, generally hindering your ability to present yourself and provide room for you to not only expand on you, but also to be able to make a mistake or two along the way, much less be able to recover from it as well. there are long ago laws already on the books that protect the service provider, inkblot in this case, from what people do with and on said service(s), so go ahead and fuck up once in a while – it’s what makes you human and fallible, just like everybody else. you don’t need to be famous or have pockets full of money (those these types of folks generally need to be the catalysts to help services like inkblot get going among the masses first), but you must contribute to yourself and, therefore, have something to then offer for the greater good of yourself first, and which can then translate to others afterwards, maybe even to the benefit of society as a whole!? just what that something is, or could be, is really up to you to present and figure out, so do get to it! why waste another day?

necessity is the mother of invention.