inkblot id grid

you have id. you have ego. you have super ego.

the inkblot id grid is based upon the Freudian concept of an individual id (unconscious), ego (conscious) and super ego (semiconscious), which was thought to encompass your own unique personality trifecta. inkblot is also based on Hermann Rorschach’s inkblot test, which is tied directly into the grid, and states that humans have conscious and unconscious attitudes and motivations that are beyond or hidden from their own conscious awareness.

awaken yourself by obtaining an inkblot grid id (ala Medusa or Z), then on your way you will be to your very own superunknown

one unique qualifier, with you merely being unique, and you know you are, is all it takes.

would you thrive with your very own inkblot network grid?

inkblot is not elitist, but it definitely isn’t for the merely average either. if you’re a chef, great! but, be an above average chef with something new and refreshing to offer. if you’re a musician, wonderful! just be a musician who’s got the chops and can raise the musical bar. if you’re a poet, that’s fantastic! although, your words need to transcend the typical muse. if you’re an artist, then come on aboard! except you should be changing or elevating the art world and our perceptions of what great art is and should be. be you, but definitely be different.

*inkblot will not share you with or among others outside the scope of running the service as that is your action and purpose. you must be at least 13-years-old – and up to 140-years-old – in order to claim your inkblot id (the basic rules). you must be unique (hell yeah you are). you must take responsibility for yourself (you damn sure will). you must conform to only yourself and who you are (a universal given). it begins here and now, it begins with you.